14" Sewing Machine Lug Belt

14" Sewing Machine Lug Belt
    Close 14" Sewing Machine Lug Belt
    Sale Price: $4.99

    Item Number: 1400
    Product Type: Non-OEM
    Condition: Brand New

    [Fits All Sewing Machines That Require An 13 1/2" Long Belt]

    Guaranteed to fit Dressmaker Sewing Machine Models:

    Guaranteed to fit Janome [Newhome] Sewing Machine Models:
    620, 620(Newhome), 625(Newhome), 625FA, 900(Newhome), 910(Newhome), 920(Newhome), 980(Newhome), 990(Newhome)

    Guaranteed to fit Universal Sewing Machine Models:

    Guaranteed to fit White Sewing Machine Models:
    710 -long, 611, 640, 641, 651, 725, 740, 941
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