Universal Leather Treadle Belt, Alphasew #YK13

Universal Leather Treadle Belt, Alphasew #YK13
    Close Universal Leather Treadle Belt, Alphasew #YK13
    Sale Price: $11.99

    Item Number: YK13
    Condition: Brand New

    Description: If you have a treadle sewing machine and are looking for a new belt, look no further. This treadle belt made by Alphasew will fit onto all treadle sewing machines, no matter how old it is. The length of this replacement leather treadle belt is between 68" - 76" and all treadle sewing machine's require less than 68".

    Installation: Measure against the old belt, and cut to the proper length. Puncture the end of the belt without the metal hook with a small nail approximately 1/4" from the end. Push the metal hook through the hole that you had made on the other side and bend over the hook after the fit is satisfactory.

    Alternate Part Numbers Include SEW1392
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