How to Use a 1/4 (Quarter) Inch Foot and Quilting Bar

The Quarter Inch Foot is the essential foot for perfect 1/4 inch seams. Use with the Quilting Bar to make quilting easy, fast, and accurate! In this video we show you how to use and install the quarter inch foot and quilting bar!


  1. I realize the bar is inserted at the back when using the quarter inch foot but where in the back? I bought the Quilting bar to use with my quarter inch foot as demonstrated at the end of the video but I cannot find where to insert the bar behind and above the foot. I have the SE400. Thank you.

  2. My post from earlier today is gone. I only wanted to know where on the SE400 to put the Quilting Guide when using the quarter inch presser foot that is shown at the end of this video. Thank you.

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