How To Use A Ruffler Foot

May 4, 12SPO TV6 Comments

We show you how to use a ruffler foot, how to install it and properly configure the settings and how to use it specifically on certain types of fabrics

6 Responses to How To Use A Ruffler Foot

  1. Ramona Walter says:

    My ruffler all of a sudden would not ruffle when I changed the setting to 6 or 12. Cannot figure out whats wrong.

    • Sarah Sarah says:

      Hi Ramona! I’m so sorry you are having trouble with your ruffler foot – is there a local sew and vac store in your area. Sometimes those kinds of feet just need a quick tweaking.

  2. Greta says:

    I click on “How to Wire a Foot Control” and come to this page. Is there not a file on repairing a foot control?

  3. Kitty says:

    Sarah, i need to sew a lot of ruffles and gathered skirts in a hurry. typically, i need to gather or ruffle 45″ widths into about 12″. sometimes, 60″ into 12″. can the low shank ruffler feet achieve this 5:1 gathering/pleating? If the ruffler foot does not do mathematical conversions, as I have heard, then does it nonetheless make it easier to achieve the kind of results requested above–for instance by using the ruffler foot first then stitching it again with a gathering stitch to further gather? Your advice and help regarding how to best proceed, would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    • Sarah Sarah says:

      Hi Kitty! I believe it will, it’s just a matter or making sure you have the right combination of settings. However, to be certain, let me go try it on my machine and get back to you. Basically, you need 3.75 to 5 ruffles per inch, which the ruffler foot can do. The trick is making sure you have the proper depth. I’ll go try it out and get back to you.

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