How to Use a Side Cutter (Cut and Hem) Foot

If you don’t own a Serger (overlock machine) but want to hem and trim simultaneously, check out the Side Cutter (Cut and Hem) Foot. This foot is basically an Overcast foot with a cutting blade similar to a serger blade. Use an overcast stitch for woven fabric or the zigzag stitch for knits. Happy Sewing!
To purchase your Side Cutter foot, visit our Presser Foot Page
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  1. When you used the Singer side cutter foot I think you said you were using it on your Singer sewing machine. I have a Brother low shank machine and wondered if it will work on a Brother machine. Thanks

    1. Hi BJ! I can’t guarantee that the side cutter foot will fit your machine. If it’s a low shank, it could possibly work, but I’m not 100% sure.

  2. I purchased the Singer Side Cutter Pressure foot to use because I didn’t want to spend $400+ on a serger, however after purchasing the Attachment foot I came across a comment you left on a previous reviewer (Ellen) and went to the page and notice my Singer Tradition 2250 computer wasn’t in the “guaranteed” List and I just want to let you know it works perfect for my sewing machine. Thank you sooooo much for this attachment foot, it literally save me a bunch of $$$…I got mine for just $34 CAD on :-):-) :-)…..I couldn’t be any happier….:-)

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