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Magna-Quilt Style M Prewound Bobbins (10 pack), Fil-Tec

Magna-Quilt Style M Prewound Bobbins (10 pack), Fil-Tec

Item # MQM
Condition: Brand New
Product Description:
If your bobbin case has a backlash spring, remove spring before inserting this bobbin. Always insert the prewound bobbin with the magnet facing down.

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Magna-Quilt Style M Prewound Bobbins (10 pack), Fil-Tec Details

Fil-Tec's Magna-Quilt prewound bobbins are a high quality Egyptian long-staple cotton. The patented magnetic core prevents backlash creating consistent stitches and eliminating the need for a backlash spring. (If your bobbin case has a backlash spring, remove spring before inserting this bobbin.) This trouble free bobbin reduces lint and residual build up in the bobbin case. Always insert the magnet down into the metal case. Each bobbin contains 135 yds of thread. Each container comes with 10 bobbins. Made in the USA.

Guaranteed to fit Brother Sewing Machine Models:
B1 Box Machine, B361, B745, B747, B791, B792, B797, B798, BAS-350, BAS-360, BAS-361, BAS-370, BAS-375, DB2-B7380-5, DB2-B745, DB2-B746, DB2-B747, DB2-B748, DB2-B791, DB2-B797, DB2-B798, PR600, PR-602, PR600II

Guaranteed to fit Consew Sewing Machine Models:
120, 145R, 146RB, 175RB, 199RB, 205RB, 206RB, 230RB-1

Guaranteed to fit Durkopp Adler Sewing Machine Models:
221, 222, 237, 239, 241, 242, 243, 244, 245, 249, 291, 292, 294, 295, 380-535, 541, 542, 543, 549, 585, 746,

Guaranteed to fit Hinterberg Sewing Machine Models:
Indigo19 , Voyager 19

Guaranteed to fit Juki Sewing Machine Models:
DDL-201, DDL-201H, DDL-201S, DDL-227, DDL-560, DMU-1541, DNU-1541, DNU-241, LZH-1290, POC1600, TL 2200QVP

Guaranteed to fit Mitsubishi Sewing Machine Models:
180Y-2, 280L, CU-865, CU-865-22, DB-130-22, DB-130E22, DB-189-22, DB-199-22, DB-189-22BZ, DX-370-20, DX-870, DY-330, DY-330-22, DY-337, DY-339, DY-340, DY-340-22340BZ, DY-349, DY-349-22340BZ, DY-350, DY-359-22, DY-360-22, DY-399, DY2-340-22, DY2-380BIT, LS2-110-BOB, LS2-130-BOB, LT2-180BIT, PB-330, PLK-1210, PLK-1410, PLK-1710, PLK-2520, PV-1000, YU-360-22

Guaranteed to fit Pfaff Sewing Machine Models:
1245, 1245-706, 1255, 1291, 1445, 18x8 Longarm, 541, 542, 543, 544, 544-720, 545, 545-900, 546, 546-A, 546-B, 546-C, 546-D, 547, 548, 551-555, 591, 592, 593, 594, 595, 596, GQ-18X8

Guaranteed to fit Singer Sewing Machine Models:
121C, 121D, 141-W1, 141-W5, 211-G221, 211-G339, 211-G340, 211-G341, 211-G345, 211-G351, 211-G357, 211-G358, 211-G465, 211-G466, 211-G639, 211-G640, 211-G641, 211-G651, 211-G657, 211-G658, 211-G661, 211-G667, 211-G765, 211-G766, 212-G339, 212-G639, 369W, 369-W, 531-8BL, 531B

Guaranteed to fit Viking Sewing Machine Models:
MegaQuilter, Platinum 3000

Thread Weight: 50 wt
Material: Egyptian Cotton

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