Needle Inserter / Bobbin Puller #CNBP

Needle Inserter / Bobbin Puller #CNBP
    Close Needle Inserter / Bobbin Puller #CNBP
    Sale Price: $6.99

    Item Number: CNBP
    Condition: Brand New

    Description: If you've ever struggled to insert or remove your sewing machine needles and top loading bobbins, you're not alone. The Creative Notions Bobbin Puller with Needle Inserter is the perfect tool for tackling those tiny spaces. This 5 1/2 inch helper is stainless steel with ribbed grips along the length for easy handling. The needle inserting end is magnetized to prevent your needles from falling in your machine. Great for industrial and home sewing machines, as well as sergers and cover stitch machines.
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