Pre Wound Bobbins "Style L" WHITE , #PB131

Pre Wound Bobbins "Style L"  WHITE ,  #PB131
    Close Pre Wound Bobbins "Style L"  WHITE ,  #PB131
    Sale Price: $69.99

    Item Number: PB131
    Condition: Brand New

    Developed by embroiderer's to help with current bobbin problems. A parallel wind makes this a smoother running bobbin with less friction.


    • 100% Percent Fila-ment Polyester:Type L
    • 131yds Per Bobbin, Per Box
    • 144 Bobbins Per Box
    • NEB Bobbin
    • 140WT 2 ply Continuous Polyester

      *Fits most Babylock Sewing Machines

      Guaranteed to fit Viking Sewing Machine Models:
      Designer, Designer 1
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