Universal Needles, Singer Type 2020

Universal Needles, Singer Type 2020
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    Item Number: S2020
    Condition: Brand New
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    Description: Genuine Singer Universal Red Band Type 2020 Sewing Machine Needles
    Singer recommends that you use only genuine Singer sewing machine needles in your Singer sewing machine. By using genuine singer needles, your machine will perform to it's fullest potential.

    Sizes Available/Size Guide:
    Size 70/9 - For sheer knits and synthetics (the thinnest needle for the thinnest fabrics)
    Size 80/11 - For lightweight knits and synthetics
    Size 90/14 - For medium-weight knits and synthetics (the general purpose needle - most popular)
    Size 100/16 - For heavy-weight natural woven fabrics
    Size 110/18 - For heavy-weight knits and synthetics (the thickest needle for your thickest fabrics)

    Alternative Part Numbers Include N2020-42, 353364, 72597, 72596, 353364-000, 204514-100, HP32947 & HP33108
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