Twin Needle, Elna ELx705 ZWI

Twin Needle, Elna ELx705 ZWI
    Close Twin Needle, Elna ELx705 ZWI
    Sale Price: $6.99

    Item Number: ELZ-90
    Product Type: Non-OEM
    Condition: Brand New

    Description: Elna Type ELx705 ZWI Serger Twin Needle - 1 Twin Needle per Pack

    Guaranteed to fit Elna Serger Models:
    604E, 614DE, 624DSE, 704DEX, 744, 904DCX, 905DCX, 925DCX, 945, F3, F4, L1, L2, L3, L4, L4D, L5, L5D, PRO4DC, PRO4DE, PRO5DC, PRO5DE, T3, T33, T34 & T34D.

    Guaranteed to fit Pfaff Serger Models:

    Alternative Part Numbers Include 396002-78>
    *In order to use a Twin Needle, your machine must have a Front or Top Loading Bobbin, a zig zag stitch AND the flat side of the needle shank faces the back of your machine.
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