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Beginner’s Guide to Sewing (Ep 13): Closures & Fasteners

Welcome back to the Beginner’s Guide to Sewing! In episode 13 we continue learning about closures and fasteners. You learned all about zippers in the last episode, so this week we’ll dive right into how to do buttonholes, sew on buttons (by hand and machine), snaps, grommets. hooks and eyes, magnets, and velcro, as well as some tips and tricks along the way.

There is a ton of information to learn, so feel free to skip ahead to the sections as needed:

00:25 Eyelets and Grommets using Dritz Pliers and Grommet Kit
03:57 Snaps using Dritz Pliers Tool
06:07 Hook and Eye (2 varieties) via hand sewing
07:35 Sew On Snaps
08:11 No Sew Magnetic Snaps
09:20 Sew On Magnets
10:01 Velcro (sew on)
11:16 Buttonhole Placement/Marking
12:25 Hand Sewing a Button
13:38 Buttonhole by Machine (using a 4 step buttonhole foot)
16:15 Attaching Buttons by Machine (using the sew on button foot and darning plate)
17:46 Buttonhole Tips and Tricks
18:18 Buttonhole Fine Adjustment

For How to Use a 1 Step Automatic Buttonhole Foot, follow this link:

5 thoughts on “Beginner’s Guide to Sewing (Ep 13): Closures & Fasteners”

  1. step build into the top dial, which makes beautiful buttonholes but there quite tailored and wouldn’t look good with smaller buttons. Being new at this craft I’m unable to figure out this foot, even the placement of the button within the foot baffles me.
    When you have a moment could you give me some direction.
    Thank you
    Susan Denison

    1. Hi Susan! To better assist you, please email or call us with the make and model of your machine. We will be happy to see if we offer a manual for your model that will go over the steps of how to use your particular buttonhole foot. Our number is 888-824-1192 and our email is [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

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