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T-shirt Skirt and Modified Onesie

by Sarah

Making a skirt out of an old t-shirt is so easy. It is a unique and fun way to spruce up plain onesies with just a t-shirt, sewing machine, and elastic. I love to create different styles using patterned material, stripes and mixing colors to create a little flower patch on the onesie itself also.





Making Flowers:

For creating the flower bunch on the onesie I used a circle cookie cutter, but you could use whatever you have. Traced around it, and cut out 4 circles (if your t-shirt is laid flat it will have 2 layers and go quicker). I used a striped purple and a lighter solid colored purple. I bunched up one circle, in one hand then pinned it to the onesie where I wanted the flower bunch to be. I continued on like that until the flower bunch was to the fullness I desired. Next, I hand sewed the flowers on, but you could easily run it through your sewing machine if you wanted. I find using my machine the flower group isn’t as puffy as when I just stitch the base of the material in by hand.


Making the T-shirt Skirt:I used my measuring tape and measured the waist of the onesie I was refurbishing, and cut a piece of elastic so that it is little shorter than the waist width. Then with the same t-shirt material that I used for the flower, I cut out a square piece of material for the skirt. It doesn’t need to be too long, but you want it wide enough that when it is sewn together it pleats or bunches when the elastic is inserted, an extra 2 inches or so. (I like to use the edges already finished on the t-shirt, generally the bottom and one side so then really I am only sewing two edges myself.) I then sew with my sewing machine, a hem wide enough to fit my elastic I’ve cut into it. I guided the elastic through and then sewed the edge together to make the skirt complete.

This really does make a great gift or some fashionable one-of-a-kind clothes for your own baby! Enjoy and keep creating!!

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