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Fall Sewing Catalog: Projects And Supplies For Autumn

The Sewing Parts Online Fall Sewing Catalog! Our Fall Sewing Catalog features fabric, thread, patterns, and notions inspired by the beauty of Autumn. This collection helps you easily celebrate the majesty of fall with warm quilts, stylish home décor projects, and fun fall crafts for the whole family! No need to waste time scavenging around multiple stores and websites to find supplies – we… Read More »Fall Sewing Catalog: Projects And Supplies For Autumn

Video: Upgrade Your Sewing Machine Light

Better lighting equals a better sewing experience. Traditional sewing machine bulbs are dull, hot, and burn out frequently. Don’t suffer through poor lighting when you can use the LED Bendable Bright Light. This light attaches directly to the body of your sewing machine, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice table space for better lighting. It conveniently snaps into an adhesive bracket to provide… Read More »Video: Upgrade Your Sewing Machine Light

3 Great Products To Organize Your Bobbins

  Organizing your bobbins has never been so easy. These 3 popular products are loved by sewists all over the world because they effortlessly organize bobbins without breaking the bank. They’re each intelligently designed to ensure your bobbin is easily accessible when you need it and securely stored when you don’t. Collins Match-Up Handi-Bobs allow you to store your bobbin and thread… Read More »3 Great Products To Organize Your Bobbins

Product Spotlight: Fil-Tec Thread

Fil-Tec is an American manufacturer of thread with over 25 years in the thread industry. They make everything from military grade industrial thread to quilting thread to embroidery thread to candlewicks. We love them because their products are made exceptionally and because they’re made in the U.S. Other companies like La-Z-Boy, Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, and GE all use Fil-Tec products. Clearly,… Read More »Product Spotlight: Fil-Tec Thread