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  • Foot Controller Pad Thank goodness someone invented this! The solution to a wandering foot pedal, this little problem-solver uses Velcro to attach the foot controller to a non-slip pad. So, instead of busting out yoga moves trying to reach your pedal, you’ll be sewing comfortably in the proper position. Wonder Clips Not just an alternative to pins. For many projects, the Wonder…

  • We show you some of the great feature the LB 6800 has to offer. This machine is great for the begining sewist and the experienced seamstress. If you are looking for a machine with great design capabilities, this is the machine for you! Enjoy and Happy Sewing!

  • Have you ever been hand sewing and got your thread tangle in a knot so big a family of birds could make it their nest? Me too. For the longest time, I thought this was just part of sewing. I thought maybe I wasn’t threading correctly or using the wrong kind of needle. The constant knots would triple my work time and…

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