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Sewing Tips & Tricks

How To Sew A French Seam

The French Seam The french seam is a beautiful seam finish that is sure to impress. We all love the zig zag finish and the clean finish, but the french seam takes it up a notch. With this seam finish, you sew 2 seam allowances. By doing this, you completely encase the raw edges. No raw edges equals no fraying, no mess,… Read More »How To Sew A French Seam

know your bobbin cases

Know Your Bobbin Cases

Did your sewing machine come with two bobbin cases and you have no idea why? I’ve got you. Below is information to help you determine which bobbin case to use and when to use it. Before we begin, I do want to mention that this information applies to Babylock and Brother bobbin cases. Green Screw Bobbin Case I am calling this bobbin… Read More »Know Your Bobbin Cases