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Sewing Tutorials

Christmas And Winter Table Runner Tutorial

During the holiday season, my family entertains often. For Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner, we spend all day preparing homemade food and decorating the dining room. I’ve sewed this Christmas and Winter table runner numerous times and have enjoyed the results. It only takes about 30 minutes to sew (an hour if you add decorative features). I hope you enjoy sewing your… Read More »Christmas And Winter Table Runner Tutorial


How To Shirr

I recently began experimenting with Shirring and, in my opinion, it is the fastest, easiest way to whip out clothing. No need to cut out a complicated pattern, all you need is a long, rectangle piece of fabric! Now, you may think Shirring is only for summer clothing, and to that I say, “Nay!” Simply add a cute cardigan or some awesome… Read More »How To Shirr

Candy Corn

Candy Corn Pillow Tutorial

It’s that time of the year again! Halloween is right around the corner! And that means it is time to get started on all of those fun Halloween inspired sewing projects. Personally, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it gives us the opportunity to create wacky projects and get crazy imaginative (without getting too many strange looks). I have for… Read More »Candy Corn Pillow Tutorial

Bobbin Case

Sewing Machine Maintenance 101

There is nothing quite so frustrating as sitting down to sew and instead of hearing the smooth purr of your machine, its language changes to kkkalunk, grrrrrowl, and bird nests grow where a uniform stitch should be. This behavior can mean many things, but the most likely cause is an unhappy machine crying for some light maintenance. Ninety percent of the time… Read More »Sewing Machine Maintenance 101


How To Make Quilt Binding

Creating your own quilt binding will allow you so many more creative options for the overall look of your quilt. Finally, you are no longer limited to premade biased and binding tapes! Not to mention, saving you money, which if you’re like me is going right back into the Fabric Jar Piggy Bank. These 8 simple steps will take your quilt from… Read More »How To Make Quilt Binding