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Understanding Bobbins: What Every Sewist Should Know

Did you know there are over 60 different bobbin styles available? Some are dramatically different, while others are so similar it’s difficult to see any difference at all. Let’s take a closer look. Printer-Friendly Version About 95% of household sewing machines use the following 3 bobbins… The Class 15 (A Style) Bobbin: The Class 15 is about the size of an American… Read More »Understanding Bobbins: What Every Sewist Should Know

Fabric Christmas Tree Garland Tutorial

Christmastime is the best time of the year. The music…the festivities….and the sewing! Follow along as we teach you how to create a fabric Christmas Tree Garland. You can display this garland on your tree, your fireplace mantel, your office desk…anywhere you like. We hope you enjoy this project and be sure to share with your family and friends. Merry Christmas! Supplies: Fabric… Read More »Fabric Christmas Tree Garland Tutorial

How to Sew Minky Fabric: 12 Must-Know Tips and Tricks

Minky makes for some really fun projects. It’s versatile and can be used to make blankets, home accessories, and even clothing. You’ve probably seen it used to make baby blankets and Lovies. Minky is designed to resemble Mink’s Fur and has a very luxurious hand. It drapes beautifully and has a lovely sheen. These defining characteristics are why Minky is so difficult… Read More »How to Sew Minky Fabric: 12 Must-Know Tips and Tricks

Beginner's Guide to Sewing: Sewing Machine Parts Reference Guide

Beginner’s Guide to Sewing: Sewing Machine Parts Reference Guide

Ever been completely bewildered by your sewing machine? So many buttons and knobs and little parts – which parts is which??? We understand. We were once there, too. So, to go along with our Beginner’s Guide to Sewing, we’ve made this little reference guide to elaborate on those parts we went over in the videos- plus a few extras. It’s all alphabetical… Read More »Beginner’s Guide to Sewing: Sewing Machine Parts Reference Guide

Rose Chandelier in 20 minutes

Rose Chandelier in 20 minutes

Talk about an easy way to spice up your lighting. Originally, this was specifically for Valentine’s Day dinner, but once I saw the finished project, I was in love. I’m not taking this project down. Ever. I feel  it’s romantic and whimsical enough to keep up all year. Maybe it’s just my inner romantic bohemian, but I just can’t bare to take… Read More »Rose Chandelier in 20 minutes

5 Minute Scrappy Hearts

5 Minute Scrappy Hearts

These fast, little projects are such a great way to let that pent-up creative energy flow. Even 5 minutes of sewing is 5 minutes well spent. These little hearts are great for any occasion, not just Valentine’s Day. Can you really go wrong with the symbol of love? I say, “nay’. Grab your scrap stash and mix/match prints for a cool, scrappy-chic vibe.… Read More »5 Minute Scrappy Hearts