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Baby Safe Ornaments

Baby Safe Ornaments

When my Mom had my eldest sibling, she was an extra cautious new mother. Instead of hanging glass balls, she cut out Christmas shapes (trees, angels, etc), stuffed them, and hand sewed them together to make fabric ornaments. Between the cat and the new kid, she didn’t want to risk having shattered glass on the floor.  Trust me, this was a painstaking,… Read More »Baby Safe Ornaments

"Elf on the Shelf" Inspired Craft: "Elf Size" Ornaments

“Elf on the Shelf” Inspired Craft: “Elf Size” Ornaments

You’ve all heard of this Elf on the Shelf guy, right? It’s an elf  ‘doll’ that sits on the shelf (or hangs from the ceiling if you’re my neighbor) and reports back to Santa every night about whether or not your children behaved. Basically, it’s a scare tactic to keep kids from acting up. Because if they do, the Elf will tell… Read More »“Elf on the Shelf” Inspired Craft: “Elf Size” Ornaments