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Christmas Apron Tutorial

You can sew a Christmas apron with our free step-by-step tutorial!

By using 1 Peace On Earth Apron Fabric Panel, you can sew a festive Christmas apron in under an hour.


Printer-Friendly Instructions

Supplies: In addition to your standard sewing supplies, you’ll need Peace On Earth Apron Fabric Panel and cotton thread.

Step 1: Cut out apron along the outer edge. Press all edges under 1/4”. Turn another 1/4” and stitch in place.

Step 2: Fold neck tie and waist ties in half, right sides together. Sew a 1/4” seam. Turn right sides out.

Step 3: Fold raw edges under and attach to the apron where indicated.

Step 4: Press under 1/8” and again 1/8” around all edges. Stitch along first fold. Pin pocket on apron front at placement markings. Match pattern lines. Stitch 3 edges of the pocket, leaving the top open.

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8 thoughts on “Christmas Apron Tutorial”

  1. I have the apron panel in my to do sewing basket. I would like to line it. Can you suggest an appropriate fabric for the lining? How much yardage would I need? Thank you!

    1. Hello Susan! Sorry for the delay. I would recommend just using a coordinating fabric that goes with the outside panel. Also, the amount of fabric you would need for the lining would be right under a yard

  2. I ordered this panel and have not yet made an apron. I would like to line the apron. Could you suggest an appropriate fabric for the lining? Also, how much yardage would I need? Thank you!

  3. Hello, what a wonderful opportunity to contact you for a pattern , a tutorial for children’s sized aprons.
    That would be an enormous help for me.
    Thank you,
    Mary L Crump

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