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Christmas-in-July Sewing Catalog: Fabric, Patterns, Supplies, and More!

Sewing Parts Online: Christmas-in-July Sewing Catalog

We love sewing for Christmas! We especially love giving handmade gifts. But shopping for those supplies can be downright overwhelming during Christmastime. Which leads us to the creation of this specialized “Christmas-in-July” catalog.

Christmas sewing should be joyful, not stressful. Our catalog makes sewing for your loved ones simpler and less stressful before the holiday season arrives. We have all the supplies and inspiration in one location to empower you to get ahead of the game this year. We recommend that you start your Christmas sewing projects now before the last-minute rush of the holiday season and while inventory is high. These supplies, especially the fabric, fly off the shelves during Christmastime. So, the time to start shopping is definitely NOW!

Our catalog features high-quality fabric, panels, and precuts, as well as thread, patterns, books, and notions inspired by the traditions of Christmas. This is not just a lump sum of our sewing products. These are hand-selected collections to help you have a delightfully handmade Christmas. Browse each section to see what we have to offer.

Not Sure What to Sew? We Have Projects For You!

If you are not sure what to sew, no worries. We have a library full of Christmas sewing patterns and books for every style. We have also prepared a list of Christmas and winter fabrics and coordinating threads to make your crafting project easy to make. If you need more ideas, check out our one-hour project board on Pinterest for more inspiration.

I hope that you enjoy our “Christmas-in-July” sewing catalog as much as we enjoyed creating it! Thank you so much for taking the time to browse and shop. Happy sewing, everyone!

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