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“Elf on the Shelf” Inspired Craft: “Elf Size” Ornaments

by Sarah

You’ve all heard of this Elf on the Shelf guy, right? It’s an elf  ‘doll’ that sits on the shelf (or hangs from the ceiling if you’re my neighbor) and reports back to Santa every night about whether or not your children behaved. Basically, it’s a scare tactic to keep kids from acting up. Because if they do, the Elf will tell Santa, and we all know what happens next.


My neighbor goes nuts with her elf. It’s really quite awesome.  Kevin, as they named him, is super mischievous. Just the other day, I walked into her house to see he had wrapped the Christmas tree in toilet paper and hung yarn wall to wall in the hallway. Occasionally, he’ll bring back a souvenir from the North Pole; usually a candy or small toy.

I thought that was such a cute idea. Last week our ‘Elf’ brought Caden (my 4 year old) candy cane pajamas. Well, Caden loves hanging up Christmas ornaments on our tree. So, today Winkle (our Elf) will be sneaking back some ornaments from the elves’ Christmas tree at the North Pole. The little thief.

Sewing Parts Online Elf Ornament

To make these, you need:

Small Styrofoam balls

Mod Podge

Strips of scrap fabric

Thread and a hand sewing needle

Once you have your scrap fabric cut into small strips, you can start gluing them on one strip at a time. This can get pretty sticky, so you might have to stop one ornament and allow it to dry a bit while you start another one.

sewing parts online elfish sized ornament 4 copy

The last strip you glue should be about 2/3 longer than the other strips. You want to start this one on the bottom and bring it to the top. Tie it in a knot and dab a bit of glue over the knot.

sewing parts online elf size ornament 2

Sew a hanging loop with metallic thread and a hand sewing needle.

You can have a ton of fun with these and add left over trim, beads, sequence, glitter, etc. I mean, if there was ever a time to get your sparkle on, it’s now. Merry Christmas!

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