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Elna Lotus Giveaway!

To enter this giveaway, simply login below. Then you have 4 ways to enter the contest:
#1 Join our Sewing Parts Online Mailing List
#2 Follow us @sewingparts on twitter
#3 tweet about the giveaway
#4 leave a blog post comment below.
You have to click the buttons in the box below for your entry to count!

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22 thoughts on “Elna Lotus Giveaway!”

  1. I love sewing pats love sewing its like when you had ruff day you sit down and forget all about its just you fabrics and needles 🙂

  2. I would love this sewing machine for my daughter Aksshaya Venkat doing her first year of fashion designing. I really can’t effort it for sure. Love it. Both of us sew and soon to start a business together. Hope the give away includes other countries too!

  3. My only sewing machines I’ve owned have all been 20 years plus. I teach at a coop and am currently working on my sewing skills. This would be amazing to take up there to share. The machine I currently have will straight stitch and zig zag. This blessing would touch so many people. Thanks so much for the contest and opportunity.

  4. I have always had hand me down sewing machines and ones purchased at garage sales. I spend hours cleaning, oiling, fixing the parts I can, but somehow they never seem to run smoothly like a new machine would. The one I’m using now works, but sounds like a steam engine going by when I run it! It’s a little loud. 🙂 So I would like a new machine that would have all the parts, everything new and ready to go!

  5. Just getting back into the swing of sewing. I am so lucky to have found this site to teach me some things I did not know how to do. It is so inspiring to see how easy sewing actually is and with so much great teaching… why not try out things I’ve never tried before??? Who knows, I might make something so brillant, I will have to sell them on Etsy!

  6. Juanita Vega DeJoseph

    Logged in to buy a bulb for my Singer 603 and saw this contest AND watched one of Sarah’s videos-thanks for the opportunity and reminder of the informative videos!

  7. I have a Singer (electric portable) ,Model HD110C and require an instruction manual, but the on-line search feature does not recognize the a/m model number. Would you please provide some help as to how I might obtain a manual for this model.

  8. I would LOVE a new sewing machine, of course! Who wouldn’t? I’m a high school science teacher & a single mom with a daughter in college , so we all know that my salary can’t afford a machine with all the bells & whistles. I sew on an 25 yr-old Kenmore, and a refurbished Heavy Duty Singer. They work just fine, but still, I constantly fantasize about the electronic sewing machines that have features like needle up/down, fancy stitch patterns, and speed control. Plus my daughter wants to learn how to sew now (finally!) so if I won this machine, I’d pass one of my machines down to her.

  9. I am wanting a sewing machine because I am trying to begin to sew again after a long period of depression. I see this as my way back into the world again. I would love to be able to start some kind of business in the process.

  10. I am just starting to sew again and have found several quilting groups in my area. They have Charity sew in days and make place mats for Meals on Wheels, blankets for local police and fire departments, and Quilts of Valor for veterans. It would be wonderful as I learn to quilt to have a new sewing machine.

  11. i need a new sewing machine and this is it. I am teaching my 8 year old granddaughter to sew and it would be nice if she could take possession of my old sewing machine. Thank you for letting me enter.

  12. I would looooove a new sewing machine! I have a Brother that has been an amazing workhorse in the past but lately it’s been acting up and a new one would be AMAZING.

  13. I would love a new sewing machine. I sew a lot, for my family and friends. Making costumes, doll clothing, bags, you name it 🙂 its a work of love.
    Sewing parts online has helped me find the parts I need even the tricky ones!!

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