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First Recipient of our Annual Sewing Parts Online Scholarship


In March 2014 Sewing Parts Online launched the Community Design Scholarship ~ a $1,000.00 annual scholarship awarded to a student pursuing a degree in fashion or interior design.

We at Sewing Parts Online are proud and delighted to introduce you to the 1st recipient of this scholarship ~ Bailey Smith.  Bailey is a freshman at Missouri State University and is pursuing a dual degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising.  Bailey, raised by a single mother, works 2 jobs in order to pay for college.  Bailey, an accomplished seamstress since the 7th grade, makes her own clothes and has made both her junior and senior prom dresses.  She reports she is excited to learn more about sewing and designing as she enters college this Fall.

Good luck, Bailey!


The scholarship Bailey is receiving is for students who demonstrate a financial need and have a sewing background.  We at know college costs can be overwhelming and are happy to be part of helping students pursue their fashion and design dreams.  If you want information about how to qualify for the scholarship or would like to have this scholarship at your school, contact [email protected].

For more information, visit our Scholarship page. Share with fellow students and sewing lovers. The cost of college should never hold you back!

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    1. Thank you so much, Carrie! I hope more people come forward requesting us to set up a scholarship with their school. We want to help as many aspiring sewists as possible!

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