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Friday Finds: Stabilize It!

by Sarah

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A couple weeks ago I introduced Amazing Tape as a great tool for keeping sewing goodies organized. I think most of us sewing enthusiasts struggled to keep organized. We have tools, fabric, notions hidden all over the place. For me, it had gotten so bad, I would spend a chunk of my ‘sewing’ time just looking for misplaced items. Recently, I’ve decided I HAVE to get some sort of organization going. It’s nowhere near “Martha Stewart approved”, but it makes sewing more enjoyable and saves time.So, when I come across a tool that does all the work for me, I HAVE to share it with my fellow sewists.



Amazing Designs has created the microwave of stabilizers; Pre-Cut stabilizer in a fast, easy-to-use dispenser! Instead of fussing with yards of stabilizer, you can simply pull out a sheet from the dispenser and BAM – you’re ready to embroidery!

I love Stabilize It is because it’s so much easier. I can grab it, pull out a sheet, then store the box back on my shelf. Takes seconds.  I don’t have to cut anything or waste time pounding out creases.

stabilize it

Stephanie from Totally Stitchin does a fantastic job explaining how to create perfectly embroidered towels using Stabilize It.

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She uses stabilizer for the bottom as you normally would.

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The trick comes when she uses a Stabilize It topper to create a professional finish.

Go ahead and give it a try – I know you’ll love sewing with Stabilize It!

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