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Homemade Burp Cloths

by Sarah

Last year I was at our local fabric store and fell in love with flannel! Oh my goodness is there a ton of simply adorable patterns for babies. I don’t know how it worked out, but everyone around us was expecting and I really love to give handmade items to the parents to be. Making burp cloths and wash cloths are great gifts and are super easy to make.

Items needed: Scissors, measuring tape, pins, 2 different flannel patterns/colors of your choice (I got a ½ yard and cut it into thirds and that made 3 burp cloths), thread and a pen or pencil.

First, place the two flannel materials flat on top of each other. Measure out your material so you can cut it into thirds, and cut it.

Next, place 2 pieces of material right sides or printed sides together (one of each color/pattern). Now, place the dessert plate near the edge, using a pencil mark the corner. Do this for each corner and cut where you marked. I like the look of rounded corners, but you could leave them squared if you would prefer.

Pin around the material so that it doesn’t shift as you sew. Sew along the edge of the burp cloth with about a ½ inch seam. Make sure that you leave 4 to 5 inches gap so the cloth can be turned right side out.

Turn the material right side out. Fold in and pin the edge that was left open so that is will sew down flush with the seam, and sew along the burp cloth (I like to use a zig zag stitch here).


There you have it, a handmade burp cloth! They are soft, durable and inexpensive to make. I prefer to make them of colors that will not show stains and/or patterns that are forgiving. You could use the same technique and make small washcloths that match as well. Happy creating!

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