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How to Use the Tape Stitching Foot

We show you have to easily add double fold binding tape to any project with the Adjustable Tape Stitching Foot. This foot will save you time and produce perfect results every time!

51 thoughts on “How to Use the Tape Stitching Foot”

  1. I need an hemstitch adapter for my singer sewing machine. I have seen it in internet, but haven’t been able to get it here in Puerto Rico. I’m interested in using this to prepare baby blankets to crochet edging. Thank you.

    1. Hi Chris! We sell many Singer feet. Do you know the shank type of your machine? Of not, would you mind measuring from the bottom of the presser foot to the shank screw?

  2. This is wonderful you really help me out with my foots and learning how to use them keep the video coming they are very helpful.

  3. I have the old original Singer attachments but I can’t remember which one does the bias tape forming/attaching. Or how to use it. Can you suggest a resource? Thanks

  4. Dear Ms. Sarah, you are certainly the person who knows ‘what-foot-fits-my-machine?’ I always thought I was locked in and limited to what came with a machine, especially when they are ‘vintage’ models, but your column has opened the possibility so I have to ask:

    How can I identify specialty feet that will fit a Necchi BU Nova ?
    Are there more feet for a Singer Pro4D overlock machine than a rolled hem foot and a blind hem foot?

    I would spend less time ripping out imperfections and enjoy sewing more if I had a few more options Thank you in advance for your expertise.

    1. Hi Suze! Thanks for checking us out!
      Your Necchi BU Nova uses high shank presser feet. So, any foot listed as high shank is will work with your machine. We have a whole list set up so you can browse around and see what there is available:

      For your serger, there is a shirring foot (
      and there is also a beading foot (
      I hope those are helpful! Is there anything else I can help you find or any questions I can answer for you?

  5. Hi

    Can you please advise me if there is an adjustable bias binding foot for a Husqvarna, Emerald 116?

    Also if there is an open toe, free motion quilting foot?

    Best regards


        1. Hi Dave! According to Husqvarna-Viking, it actually does work with the Emerald 116. Our notation on the page is incorrect. I’m so sorry for the confusion!

      1. Sarah: Thank you very much for your reply I will be ordering the parts you recommended, and it sounds like I will have the benefit of ordering more feet and having more versitility with my Bernina. Love this machine anyway, having more feet will make it even more fun.

        Thanks Lori

      2. I looking for a binding foot for a Singer Craft Mate CM-17c. If you have it could you please send me the link Thanks Karen

        1. Hi Lori,
          To use the tape stitching foot with your machine you need the low shank adapter because Bernina doesn’t make a tape stitching foot. The benefit of buying the adapter is you can use any low shank foot – which is cheaper than buying Bernina feet and there are tons available.
          Here is the adapter:
          And this is the tape stitching foot:
          Please let me know if you have any questions!

      3. Love this site and all the tutorials. I’d never seen this tool and I must have it! I have a baby lock crafters choice, model BLCC2 which is best for me?

        Also, how did you get that great camera angle? Must be a tiny camera 🙂

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      5. I love these videos .. I just got myself a new singer.. My old one was over 30 years old.. I am so excited ..looking forward to sewing up a storm..
        Thank You

      6. That is a great little tolo. I to make quilts and that would be a god send. I have an old singer model 9010 that uses a slant shank Do you have a foot for that? If you do I will also need the ankle that attaches the foot to the machine. I also have a Singer industrial machine and it would be great if you had a foot for that machine also Keep up the info I love it.

          1. Hi Sarah I have a singer 241-11 industrial machine . I would like the foot for that if available. Do you also have a snap on shank/ ankle for the singer 9010. I would like to use some other snap on feet that I have. The shank I have takes narrow snap on feet I want to be able to use snap on feet that have a wider snap on, if not I will order the link you sent me. My sister has a esante and would like a foot also, could you send me a link for that and I will order all at once. Thank You Karen

              1. Hi Sarah
                It’s me again. My friend also wants a foot but she has a industrial machine Reliable Boston DB-189. Do you have a foot for that one also? Then I will order Sorry I’m really making you work

                Thanks again Karen

              2. I LOVE this tape making foot. I have a Brother, NS80 innov-is 80. Do you have this foot to fit my machine? Do I need a shank or other “extras” to use it on my machine? Can you contact me personally to tell me what and how? PLEASE? Thanks so much ….Laura

                1. Thank you for the demonstration. Most places just advertise what they sell. When it comes to sewing, I like to make sure I’m utilizing my machine part correctly. I will be purchasing the binding foot and I’m confident I will be using it correctly, thanks to your demonstration.

                  1. You are very welcome and thank you for watching! Isn’t it amazing how many tools are out there to make sewing a tad bit easier? I hope you enjoy your new foot!

                2. What about mitered corners. Your corner looked rounded, rather than a nice mitered corner, which I prefer. Other than than, I think like it! Looks like it really would make things for faster.

                3. This is really cool. Thank you for sending these product videos to my email. I travel alot so this is the best way for me to keep informed of what is available. I don’t get to spend much time in the stores. The tecnical terminology you used in the video brought a much need smile to me (plastic jaw thingy).

                4. I don’t have a shank machine, but rather a Bernina. Actually, I have two Berninas, an 1130 and an Artista 180. I use a LOT of binding and this foot would come in handy for me if there was one that fit my machines.


                  1. Hi Susi! We actually sell an adapter for Bernina sewing machines so that you can use the Tape Stitching foot and other standard feet. This one fits your 1130:
                    I have to double check on the Artista 180.
                    With that adapter you can use any screw-on low shank presser foot. The low-shank presser feet are also MUCH less expensive than genuine Bernina feet.
                    I hope that was helpful!

                    1. Wow, totally helpful as I’m in the same situation as Sarah. Great tutorial and so glad there’s a solution for my Bernina 350

                    2. Ah, thank you! Yes, I know your feet are less expensive than Bernina originals. I count on that….

                      And thanks for the addition of the link to the tape foot. I do a lot of sewing on seam binding.


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