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Mary Ellen’s Best Press Clear Starch Alternative

Knowing how to properly press your fabric is essential to sewing (as much as we all dread it). However, using Best Press is the little helper that makes all the difference. This clear starch alternative is a great way to stabilize chiffon, organza, and even knits to make cutting and sewing as easy as cotton. And the real kicker is the awesome scents available. Never overwhelming and thoroughly enjoyable for your laundry room and fabric stash.

We promise your fabric will be safe with Mary Ellen’s Best Press. You’ll never experience the clogging, flaking, or staining caused by traditional starch. Purchase your best press here.

3 thoughts on “Mary Ellen’s Best Press Clear Starch Alternative”

  1. This appears to be an awesome product. I LOVE that it’s more than one use. I will be ordering some soon. TFS.

  2. i am looking for the fallowing parts for a singer sewing machine model 147 i would like neeles and thread thread tenioner. let me know if you have in stock me know the price.

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