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Presser Feet Tutorials

Understanding Singer Shanks and Snap On Presser Feet

Hey, everyone! I’m Sarah with sewingpartsonline.com and today we’re going to clear up some of the confusion surrounding snap on presser feet, specifically Singer’s snap on presser feet. When you think of a snap on presser foot, you usually picture this. It’s a pretty generic snap on presser foot. As you know, it attaches to a snap on presser foot adapter. I’m… Read More »Understanding Singer Shanks and Snap On Presser Feet

Big Foot Quilting Foot

How To Use The Big Foot Quilting /Darning /Embroidery Foot

The Big Foot is your best friend if you’ve been struggling with free motion quilting or embroidery. Designed by quilters for quilters, the large surface area grips fabric more effectively for a smoother feed. It also has a clear opening allowing you to see every stitch or perfectly follow a stencil design. If your machine has the option, make sure to lower… Read More »How To Use The Big Foot Quilting /Darning /Embroidery Foot

Straight Stitching

Better Straight Stitching with the Straight Stitch Foot

This is the cure for puckering! Especially useful on lightweight fabric and tackling multiple layers, the Straight Stitch Foot is designed to glide evenly over fabric. The built in measuring gauge is great for accurate top stitching and the toes are a useful edge stitching guide. Perfect for wovens and a Must Have for knits. This little foot makes straight stitching effortless!

Double Piping Foot

How to Use a Double Piping Foot

This foot is fantastic for home dec., upholstery, and even garment construction. Quickly and easily get the tailored look without the expense of ready-made piping. Add piping to any project as a trim or as a decorative embellishment. Happy Sewing!