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Product Spotlight: Fil-Tec Thread

by Sarah

Fil-Tec is an American manufacturer of thread with over 25 years in the thread industry. They make everything from military grade industrial thread to quilting thread to embroidery thread to candlewicks. We love them because their products are made exceptionally and because they’re made in the U.S. Other companies like La-Z-Boy, Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, and GE all use Fil-Tec products. Clearly, Fil-Tec is doing something right.

Fil-Tec Quilting Thread

Let’s start with their quilting thread. Fil-Tec’s quilting thread is called Cairo-Quilt. It’s made of three plies of extra-long staple 100% cotton, which is the best for quilting as it’s the lowest lint producing thread.

We really like Cairo-Quilt because it stands up nicely against those other really popular brands, like King Tut and Aurifil. We put Cairo-Quilt to the test on some quilts and found it sews wonderfully, even when doing free-motion stippling. The benefit of using Cairo-Quilt is you get 1000 yards of extra thread on their large spool for 1/2 the price of King Tut.

Fil-Tec Pre-wound Bobbins

We also love that Fil-Tec makes pre-wound bobbins using the same high-quality cotton thread. For me, it saves a ton of time having my bobbin already wound with the same thread and in the same color I’m already sewing with. One less thing to think about.

Prewounds also give you more stitches per bobbin when compared to using your sewing machine’s bobbin winding system. Plus, the little container is super handy. That being said, you can also get pre-wounds in regular all purpose polyester and in a thinner polyester for embroidery.

Fil-Tec Cores

Speaking of bobbins, Fil-Tec also makes bobbin cores for all of your sewing needs, the coolest of which being the Magna-Glide bobbins (available in L-Style and M-Style). You’ll notice these cores have a blue side and a black side. The black side is – you guessed it – magnetic. Here’s how you use it. Take you metal bobbin case and remove the backlash spring. Then, simply drop-in the magnetic side of the core. Bring the thread around as you normally would and you’re all finished. Pretty easy, right? And if I turn this upside down, the bobbin doesn’t fall out. It’s nice and securely in place. Eliminating the backlash spring actually improves the performance of the bobbin. Not to mention, you don’t have to fiddle with the bobbin slipping out when you insert it into your front of a side-loading machine. Love, love, love these magnetic cores. Oh, and fun fact – if you buy them in bulk, you can return the cores to Fil-Tec to be recycled.

Fil-Tec Bonded Nylon

Fil-Tec is known for their quality industrial thread. It’s why La-Z-Boy, GE, and Boeing all use it. Currently, we carry Fil-Tec’s BNT Bonded Nylon in size Tex 70 (more coming soon).  The bonded finish enhances the strength of the nylon and gives it excellent sewability and good abrasion resistance. It repels water and is resistant to UV damage. Its universal qualities make it suitable for most demanding sewing applications, like leather, furniture, canvas, footwear, and bedding.

We hope you enjoyed our spotlight on Fil-Tec thread. If you have any comments or questions, be sure to leave them in the comment section below. Happy Sewing!

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