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QuiltCon 2023 Live Recap

by Hayley Young


The marketing crew of Sewing Parts Online took a trip to QuiltCon 2023! QuiltCon brings sewists and quilters from all around the United States to one singular location to meet and share their sewing and quilting expertise as well as their stunning quilts. During this trip, Tricia, Brian, and Alex toured the booths at QuiltCon that featured beautiful quilts from incredible sewists. They also got to meet some of the most influential people in the sewing community and quilting space. In this blog, you will get to see a glimpse into what they saw at QuiltCon this year. If you like this blog make sure to follow us on Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook so that you do not miss out on all the amazing things that we are talking about.


Tour of QuiltCon
Tour of QuiltCon

The marketing crew started the day at QuiltCon by checking into the event. Now it was time for the crew to check out some of the amazing quilts that were showcased this year at QuiltCon 2023! The crew started in a large open room that had tons of booths in it. Each booth had something unique and special about it, and everyone was showing off their best quilts. The room was filled with decorative quilts each different and special in its own way.

Rows of Sulky Thread
Rows of Sulky Thread

With the name QuiltCon, one would assume that quilts were the only thing on display; however, that is not entirely correct. Some of the booths featured thread as well as fabric bundles that could be purchased during the event. There were also a ton of other amazing supplies. The newest technology in the sewing world was also on display and some of our crew got to try it out!

fabric bundles featured at QuiltCon
Fabric bundles featured at QuiltCon

A super cool aspect of QuiltCon 2023 was the third floor which featured rows and rows of quilts. Each quilt had a unique story and our entire crew was enchanted by how beautiful these were. Alex felt like QuiltCon completely changed her perspective on quilting because of how mesmerized she became with all the quilts.

Rows of booths at QuiltCon 2023
Rows of booths at QuiltCon 2023


In conclusion, QuiltCon 2023 was a wonderful experience that was unlike anything our crew has ever experienced. They got to meet amazing people who have made the quilting world what it is today. They also got to learn about all the new technology and products that the sewing and quilting world has to offer. Lastly, they got to see some of the most stunning quilts all in one room. We hope you enjoyed this blog and we hope to see some of you at QuiltCon 2024!

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