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Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt / Round Tablecloth Tutorial

You can sew our Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt / Round Tablecloth project with our free step-by-step tutorial!

By using Wilmington Woodland Holiday Panels, you can sew a quilted round tablecloth or a quilted Christmas tree skirt in 1 hour.  You’ll also need backing fabric (we used this fabric), batting, bias/binding tape, and cotton thread.


Printer-Friendly Instructions

Supplies: In addition to your standard sewing supplies, you’ll need Wilmington Woodland Holiday Panels, 2 yards of backing fabric (cut in half and sewn together), 2 packs of batting, bias/binding tape, and cotton thread.

Step 1: Cut the 2 panels apart, but do not cut out the skirt. Pin the 2 halves together.

Step 2: Start pinning from the center and work your way out. Be sure to match up the pattern along the seam.

Step 3: Create your quilt sandwich by layering your panel top, batting, and backing. Quilt by hand or by machine.

*Tree Skirts: Draw a 4” – 6” circle in the panel center. Starting from the outside edge, cut 1/4” along each side of the seam and around the center circle you drew to create a “keyhole” cutout.

Step 4: Trim any remaining excess fabric. Add binding along all raw edges using a 1/4” seam.

We’re so excited to see what you make! Be sure to tag Sewing Parts Online in a picture of your latest sewing projects!

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  1. OOOOPPPPSSSS! I asked what the size of the finished circle created by the two panels…..well it would be 60″. Sorry, getting old.

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