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Sew On A Wall Decal?

by Sarah

This may seem strange, but it’s actually an awesome project. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to be sticking a needle and thread through your wall…although that does bring an interesting image to mind. Vinyl Wall Decals have become so popular in home decorating, the craft stores have bulked up on their supply and variations. They can look fresh and modern, or elegant and regal. There are fun designs for children and teens and come in a variety of designs and sizes. They are perfect for a little sewing experimentation!

I found this purse for 5 bucks at a thrift store. I love the color, but I think it needs a little extra “umph”. Originally, I was having trouble deciding how I would embellish it. It’s made out of PVC poly material, and the bright yellow doesn’t make it easy to design for using conventional methods. I wanted something a little wacky; something that kept the shiny faux leather look and was easy to do. I was wandering through my local craft store, searching for inspiration when I saw Silver Feather wall decals. The vinyl texture reminded me of my purse and, finally, I knew how I was going to embellish it.

Required Supplies:

1.Wall Decals


3.Walking Foot

4.Leather Needle

5.Free motion foot or embroidery foot


7. Scissors

Cut out your design (leave the paper backing on) and place on your purse/bag/tote until you are satisfied with the layout.

When you are ready to stick them on, slowly unpeel and position. This part was particularly frustrating because the feathers are detailed and the smaller parts kept overlapping each other. It worked best to start at the stem and peel little by little. I had to lift and reapply some sections more than once. All in all, this part took about 20 long and frustrating minutes. If you have any small children, I suggest giving them headphones.

Install Walking Foot and Leather Needle. Because the material is slippery and thick, a walking foot is going to grab both layers and prevent the material from moving around. A Leather Needle punctures the fabric wonderfully.

Slowly sew your design, making sure to get all the edges. The more detail and accuracy you put into your stitch work, the better and more authentic the end product will look.

I added an addition outline stitch in bright pink. This is completely optional.

Install your Free Motion Foot or Embroidery Foot. Lower your feed dogs, allowing you to sew freely. My feed dog switch is located on the back of my machine, directly behind the pressure foot. If you are unsure where yours is located, refer to your machine’s manual. If you no longer have your service manual, refer to the Service Manual section on our website. Free motion sewing is difficult and requires practice. I didn’t get the hang of it until I was nearly finished. The trick is to go very, very, very slowly. It’s actually rather relaxing once you get the hang of it.

The biggest mistake I made was not drawing out spirals to guide me on the inside of my purse. I could have put the pink thread in the bobbin and my project would have turned out cleaner. I was able to go back and remove the bigger bumps and re-stitch a smoother line.

If you aren’t comfortable sewing spirals, you could sew straight lines with your walking foot. You could draw any design you like (vines, flowers. Stars, etc) on the inside of your purse and stitch it. With a little patience and time, you could sew an entire forest scene! Get sewing!

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