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Sewing Minis (Ep 9): How to Sew Neckline Facing

Welcome back to another Sewing Mini! Today we learn how to quickly attach facing to a v-neckline. Facing gives your neckline structure and stability. It prevents the neckline from stretching out of shape and keeps the neckline flat on your chest.

In this tutorial, I attach fusible interfacing to my facing fabric. I’ve heard other sewers skip this step depending on their specific project, but I find it really helps shape the neckline. Make sure to find an interfacing in a weight similar to your fabric or even a bit lighter. And definitely don’t use black interfacing with white fabric – I used black for demonstration purposes.

You’ll see neckline facing on both woven and knit garments. The v-neck seems to give us sewers the biggest headache, but as long as you snip into the ‘V’, your neckline will lay flat. Be sure to follow along with our video to learn how to sew the facing and how to finish it up with an underline stitch.

Feel free to leave any questions in the comment section below. Happy sewing!

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  1. I have just looked at your videos1-9 and found them great I just started sewing classes at my church for girls On Saturday ‘s these will help me alotThanks Norma Paskoff

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