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Shoe Makeover

by Sarah

I bought these shoes at Target a few weeks ago. At the time, I just needed a simple black boot, however I can’t help but see a blank canvas here. These boring boots needed an upgrade – and by upgrade, I mean sequin ribbon! Can you really ever go wrong with sequin? Some might say “yes”, but as a craft nerd, I say “a little sparkle makes the world go ’round!”

For this project, I tried both super glue and a hot glue gun. I want to think you can super glue anything, but sadly, that is not fact. Generally, if the glued area we be exposed to any kind of movement, you have to use the hot glue gun. Hot glue is more flexible, whereas super glue will crack and break. Spazztic Crafts has a great glue guide on their site if you want a little more information.

I also added new shoelaces. Originally, the shoelaces were a standard black and kept coming undone. The solution – Lace! I simply cut two pieces of lace trim and viola! New shoelaces!



Boring Boots

Spool of Sequin ribbon

Hot Glue Gun

All purpose Scissors

Step 1

You want to start the ribbon is a hidden area, like the inside curve of your boot.

Step 2

Start adding the hot glue a little bit at a time. Hot glue dries so quickly that adding too much at a time will cause it to dry out before the ribbon can adhere.

Step 3

Follow the stitching design of your boots. Your boots may have a completely different design or no lines to follow at all. You can do something as simple as just lining the sole or as elaborate as detailed swirls and patterns. Meet the ribbon end at the inside curve where you started. Overlap the ends and glue down.

And that’s all there is to it! Want to get a little extra creative? There are some GREAT images of people who have transformed boring shoes into something stunning. Check out our Pinterest for some DIY shoe makeover inspiration!

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