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Beginner’s Guide To Embroidery (Episode 3): Needles

Let’s talk about needles! Above you can view episode 3 of our Beginner’s Guide to Embroidery mini-series. The very first thing that you want to do is grab your instruction manual. There is always a page that will provide needle recommendations according to the manufacturer. I am currently working with the Babylock Verve. Its manual states that a size 11 embroidery needle… Read More »Beginner’s Guide To Embroidery (Episode 3): Needles

Beginner’s Guide To Embroidery (Episode 2): Stabilizers

Let’s Talk Stabilizers! Stabilizer options can be a little overwhelming when you enter the embroidery world. What type do I use, how many layers do I use, what fabric do I use with it? In this second episode of our Beginner’s Guide to Embroidery, I hope to answer some of these questions for you. We are going to be talking about stabilizers.… Read More »Beginner’s Guide To Embroidery (Episode 2): Stabilizers

Beginner’s Guide To Embroidery (Episode 1): Choosing a Machine

This video is the first in our series of the Beginner’s Guide To Embroidery! It’s all about choosing an embroidery machine! I am excited to put this series together because as a beginner embroider myself, I found I had a lot of questions, but when you break down the information, it really is a ton of fun and not nearly as overwhelming… Read More »Beginner’s Guide To Embroidery (Episode 1): Choosing a Machine

roller foot

Sewing Machine Roller Foot

The sewing machine roller foot is going to save you from many headaches. Have you worked with tricky fabric like knits, vinyl, or faux leather? They can slip around making your sewing experience less than fun. WHAT DOES THE ROLLER FOOT LOOK LIKE? The roller foot has little cylinders on the bottom of the foot that rotate as you sew. Because the… Read More »Sewing Machine Roller Foot

Pintuck Presser Feet

Are you wanting to add a nice decorative element to your project, but you don’t want something that’s too complicated? Check out Pintuck Presser Feet! What Does A Pintuck Presser Foot Do? Grooves on the bottom of the pintuck foot make it really simple to stitch evenly spaced parallel rows. You begin by sewing one pintuck. The first one sewn will serve… Read More »Pintuck Presser Feet

Blind Hem Presser Feet

Want to sew an invisible hem like the sewing pros? I like getting professional results. How about you? If so, you need to take a look at Blind Hem Presser Feet. WHAT IS A BLIND STITCH? First, grab your manual. Locate the page about the blind hem stitch. It will look like a heartbeat monitor. When you select this stitch, your machine… Read More »Blind Hem Presser Feet