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How to Store Your Bobbins and Thread Together

by Sarah

Having touble keeping your thread and bobbins organized? We don’t blame you. No one wants to waste precious time cleaning when they could be sewing.

Instead of throwing your thread in a basket and bobbin off to who-knows-where, why not store them together? The Bobbini and Bobbin Clamp combo quickly stacks your bobbin on top of your thread spool, keeping both stored neatly.

Watch our video and learn how the Bobbini and Bobbin Clamp System will transform how you store your bobbins and thread. These items are selling out fast, so be sure to order in bulk.

Hey everyone, Sarah here with Sewing Parts Online.com and I have a great new product for you today. This is a Bobbini and this is a bobbin clamp and they might not look like much but this brilliant combo when used together is really going to clean up your bobbin mess and get that studio looking designer organized. So stick around and I’ll show you how.
Now if you’re anything like me this is what your thread storage looks like. But why keep it like this if there’s a great alternative. So here’s what you want to do. You grab a Bobbini and you put it in the top of your spool. Just like that. The rubber will fit into any size spool. Then get your bobbin and put it on the top. That way you’ve got the thread and the corresponding color all together. Then take your clamp to hold your bobbin thread tail in place.
The Bobbinis come in a twelve pack and they’re going to fit all your different spool sizes. So I can put it in the smaller ones, I can put it in a Coats and Clark, I can even put it in the larger spools. The bobbin clamps come with a chain, so you can keep them all on the same chain and prevent them from getting lost.
So I hope that this was helpful. If you’ve any comments or questions be sure to leave them in the comments section below. If you want to come and hang out with our sewing community visit us online at Sewing Parts Online.com on Facebook at Facebook.com/Sewing Parts Online; Twitter @SewingParts; Google Plus; Pinterest; Instagram; we are everywhere and be sure to subscribe by clicking that button below for next week’s sewing video.

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