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Transfer Stencils

Marking Magic Spray is the fastest way to transfer stencils on to any project. It’s basically chalk in a can, but you don’t have to worry about the markings smearing off. This product is water soluble, so it’s easily removed with a spray or two of water. Shake the can, hold it 8 – 12 inches from your project, and lightly coat the stencil with chalk spray. After 30 seconds, the chalk will dry and become 100% visible. Great for quilters and sewing of all kinds. This product even works wonderfully with paper crafts and card-making!

4 thoughts on “Transfer Stencils”

  1. Looked to me like there was over spray on the cutting mat. What does that do to the mat. What comes to mind on how I would use, would be with a long arm. Does not look like it would work to well spraying quilt on the frame. Granny M Quilts

    1. Yes, I did spray a little on the quilting mat. I just wiped it a tiny bit of water. Come to think of it, I probably should have just put a big piece of scrap muslin or something under the spray area. Not that the spray will hurt the mat, but just for good housekeeping.

  2. in the 60’s i made a robe out of 3 bathtowels thought maybe you had made one too. If you have please show me how you did it. It has been too long for me. I have a serger now and think it will be easier with that. I didn’t put a zipper in it, just put over the head. It was great for the beach, pool, or shower.

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