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HZL-G220 Computerized Sewing Machine

HZL-G220 Computerized Sewing Machine
HZL-G220 Computerized Sewing Machine
Item # juki_hzl-g220
Condition: Brand New
Genuine Brand: Juki
Product Weight: 22.00 lbs

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Stitch Count: 180
Bobbin Load: Top Load
Needle Threader: Automatic
Button Hole: 1 Step
Max Stitch Width: 7mm
Max Stitch Length: 5mm
Stitch Per Minute: 900
Dimensions: 17.5" X 11.5" X 8.8"

Product Details

The Juki HZL-G220 is a computerized quilting and crafting powerhouse built for the sewing enthusiast ready to take their projects to the next level. The powerful, box-feeding system is guaranteed to handle heavy fabric, like denim and corduroy, while the extra wide sewing bed provides over 12 inches of sewing space for large quilts or even cathedral-length curtains. Juki’s superior engineering keeps this machine in tip-top shape while you create treasures for yourself and loved ones.

180 Stitches: This machine is jam-packed with enough stitch patterns to keep your projects unique and eye-catching. There are 22 practical stitches for everyday construction, including a variety of stretch stitches. You get 40 decorative stitches, like the adorable heart stitches, intricate flower stitches, and timeless heirloom stitches. Also, you get an impressive 10 decorative quilt stitches, including stitches to mimic hand sewing.

8 Automatic 1-Step Buttonhole: This feature creates perfectly sized buttonholes on all fabric types with the touch of a button. Simply install the 1-Step Buttonhole Foot and press go. Sit back and relax while your machine does all the work for you.

LED Stitch Pattern Selector and Function Keys: With so many stitches to choose from, the LED indicator allows you to quickly enter the stitch pattern number you wish to sew. The function keys allow you to toggle between stitch set up and memory storage. The screen even recommends which foot to use for the stitch selected.

Top Loading Drop-in Bobbin: The easiest bobbin system to use; simply drop-in and sew. The clear cover provides convenient obstruction-free visibility, so you can constantly monitor your bobbin thread level without having to remove the case.

Drop Feed Dogs: The box feed dogs are easily disengaged With the flip of a switch, easily disengage the feed dogs. This allows you to do free-motion sewing, like quilt stipple and darning.

7 Point Extra Strong Feed Dogs with Box Feed Design: These surgical steel feed dogs are built to feed any fabric smoothly, from the lightest chiffon to the heaviest denim. Multiple layers and bulky seams feed evenly, creating the perfect seam.

Auto-Thread Cutting: This saves you time and thread. With a touch of a button, your machine trims the thread for you, keeping your sewing space neat and free of long thread tails.

Automatic Needle Threader: Thread your machine from start to finish in seconds; a must-have for beginners.

LED Lighting: This brightly lit sewing bed illuminates your sewing bed so you don't have to squint. The LED puts off very little heat and is long lasting.

Free Arm with Built-in Storage: This extra-large sewing bed has a detachable unit allowing you to easy switch to free arm. Flip down the cover of the detachable unit to discover a convenient storage space.

Additonal Accessories:
Accessory Bag, Hard Case, Instruction Manual, Standard Presser Foot, Zipper Foot, Blind Stitch Foot

Manufacturer's Warranty:
5 Years Parts 2 Year Electrical Parts