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Screw, Brother #060670612

Screw, Brother #060670612

Item # 060670612
Condition: Brand New
Product Type: Non-Branded

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Screw, Brother #060670612 Details

Guaranteed to fit Brother Serger Machine Models:
523N, 524N, 525N, 526, 526D, 546, 546D, 626D, 634D, 834DP, B430EE, BAS311F-0, BAS311F-L, BAS326F-0, BAS326EL, BAS343E, BAS364E, BAS366E, BAS370E, BAS375E, BAS610, BAS611, BAS612, BAS705, BAS750, BAS761, BE435C, BE438B, DA9270, DA9280, DB2810, DB2-7741, DB2-B101, DB2-B201, DB2-B721, DB2-B722, DB2-B736, DB2-B737-MK2, DB2-B755-MK2, DB2-B755-MK3-3A, DB2-B771, DB2-B772, DB2-B773, DB2-B774, DB2-B7740, DB3-B775, DB3-B776, DT4-B281, DT6-B926, DT6-B927, DT6-B928, DT6-B281, EF4-B511, FD4-B276, FD4-B277, HE-800AJE, KE-430B, KE-431B, KE-432B, KE-433B, KE-434B, KE-435B, KE-434C, KE-435C, KE-436E, KE-484C, KM-4300, KM-430B, LH4-800E, LH4-B814 MARKII, LH4-B817, LH4-B800E, LK3-4300E-IM, LK3-4340E-IM, LK3-4350E, LK3-4380E, LK3-B430E MARKII, LK3-B430E, LK3-B431E MARKII, LK3-B431E, LK3-B432E MARKII, LK3-B432E, LK3-B433E, LK3-B438E, LZ2-B855E, LZ2-B856E, S-7550A, SL1010, SL1110, SL2010, SL2110, SL755 MARKII, SL710A, SL737A, SL777B, ZE-8570, ZE-8580,

Guaranteed to fit Husqvarna Viking Serger Machine Models:

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