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Open Toe Foot, Snap On #5011-24

Open Toe Foot, Snap On #5011-24

Item # 5011-24
Condition: Brand New
Product Type: Non-Branded

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Open Toe Foot, Snap On #5011-24 Details

The Open Toe Foot is ideal for satin, applique, taper and decorative stitches. The tunnel on the underside of the foot feeds smoothly over the stitches and the open front gives greater visibility for accuracy.

Guaranteed to fit Babylock Sewing Machine Models:
BL1108, BL2000, BL2200, BL500

Guaranteed to fit Brother Sewing Machine Models:
BM2800, BM2800CT, BM2800FG, BM3550FG, BM3700, BM3700CT, BM3700FG, BM3850, BM3850CT, GS2700, GS2786K, GS3700, GS3710, GS3740C, Hanami 27s, Hanami 37S, LX2763, LX3850, RS40S, RS45S, Star 27S, Star 37S, VX1040, VX1060, VX1080, VX1090, VX2010, XQ2700, XQ3700, XR53

Guaranteed to fit Janome Sewing Machine Models:
JA1504, JA1506, JA1508, JA1510, JA1512, JF1004, JF1012, JF1014, JF1018, JF1018S, JF1022, L344, L352, L372, L392, L393, LR1612, LR1616, LR1618, LR1622

Alternate Part Numbers: 301465009, 86790

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