Sewing Minis (Ep 10): Tiny Paper Piecing Project

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Welcome back to our Sewing Minis Series! In this episode, we learn how to sew a micro-sized paper piecing project from the collection of Carol Doak. This “Cat in Pumpkin” project measures only 3×3 inches when it’s finished, making it a perfect fall afternoon craft. This is a great project for hand sewing in your […]

Sewing Minis (Ep 9): How to Sew Neckline Facing

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Welcome back to another Sewing Mini! Today we learn how to quickly attach facing to a v-neckline. Facing gives your neckline structure and stability. It prevents the neckline from stretching out of shape and keeps the neckline flat on your chest. In this tutorial, I attach fusible interfacing to my facing fabric. I’ve heard other […]

Sewing Minis (Ep 8): Sewing Set In Sleeves

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Struggling to sew set in sleeves? Or maybe the horror stories have kept your from even attempting a set in sleeve? You’re not alone; set in sleeves can be intimidating and down right confusing. That’s why we’ve created this quick video with tips and tricks to help you successfully attach a set in sleeve. We’ll […]

Sewing Minis (Ep 7): How to Sew Sheer Fabric

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Got 4 minutes? Then you have time to learn all the tips and tricks for successfully sewing sheer fabric. Once difficult fabrics like Chiffon, Tulle, Organza and Georgette will be a breeze to sew once you know these time-tested techniques. We’ll show you all the must have tools to make sewing light-weight fabric easier, as […]

Sewing Minis (Ep 5): Tips for Sewing Vinyl Fabric

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If you’re afraid to sew vinyl-based fabric, you’re not alone. These fabrics can be intimidating and difficult for any sewer, new or seasoned. With that in mind, we’ve created this quick video to show you some tips and tricks to make sewing vinyl as easy as sewing cotton. Knowing how to sew these plastic type […]

Sewing Minis (Ep 3): Sewing Faux Fur

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Welcome to another episode of our Sewing Mini Series! This week you’ll learn fast tips and tricks for cutting, pinning, and sewing faux fur! Faux fur is very fashionable when done well and adds a whole new level of luxury to your projects. The trick is to choose simple patterns with basic lines and let […]