Let’s talk about Sewing Machine Needles – Infographic

When I got my very first sewing machine, I didn’t even know needles were removable, let alone that there were about a gazillion options available. I thought you just used the same needle for every project – forever.  But I was just a wee little Sarah back then and didn’t know much of the sewing world. So, so naive. Keeping up with all the needles available is hard, even if you are a sewing veteran. And if you’re just starting out? Impossible.

Here’s the thing –  the needle you use is just like a painter’s brush and you’re thread is the paint. Having the right tools REALLY matter. But there are a few tricks of the trade that take time to memorize and figure out for yourself. But, as a busy woman once said, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

So we did it for you. …Read More…

Sewing Machine Needles Infographic

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7 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Sewing Machine Needles – Infographic

  1. Hi! Finally cut the belt for Emdeko- it is 14″ long, – rubber & cord, tightly compacted.
    Love the machine- hate being w’out it!
    Have not found the belt anywhere, & the rubber ones just slip, or won’t go on at all! HELP appreciated!

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