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12 Sewing and Quilting Memes Sewers Understand All Too Well

Laughter is the best medicine and it’s time for a big dose of happy. Kick up your feet and enjoy some of the most liked/pinned/shared sewing and quilting memes/comics.

100 pins
So many misconceptions about what a sewist really does. Honestly, I’d say most of my time is spent finding the tools I just had in my hand a second ago…


114 pinsThis is why you have to cat proof and baby proof your sewing supplies.


134 pinsAmen!


138 pinsCough, Cough.


144 pinsThat’s what wrinkle release is for. The iron is for pressing fat quarters and seams.


174 pinsHey, I’m sure Uncle Ted LOVES his quilted trifold wallet. How could he not? It’s hand stitched and appliqued!


184 pinsI’m pretty sure this is what old Georgie meant to say.


202 likesIt’s never easy to leave a good bolt behind.


215 pinsOr the sign of a maid, because I would be refolding my fabric stash while binge-watching Netflix.


219 pinsHehehehehehe.


268 pinsThis may be why nobody comes to my house for dinner.


293 likesFact.

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10 thoughts on “12 Sewing and Quilting Memes Sewers Understand All Too Well”

  1. These are great, and so funny even when seeing them for the second or third time. And so very, very true. Thank you. It feels really good to giggle.

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