Collection: Machine Embroidery Hoops

We stock a large selection of machine embroidery hoops. Our collection of embroidery machine hoops features a range of hoop shapes, sizes, and functions, including cap frame hoops and machine quilting hoops. The embroidery hoop measurement reflects the maximum embroidery design area. For instance, an embroidery hoop listed as 5" x 7" means that your embroidery design can be no larger than 5" x 7" inches. The actual size of the embroidery hoop will be slightly larger. Your embroidery machine software will usually recognize the hoop size once it's attached to your embroidery unit. We recommend using an embroidery hoop grid to assist in planning the placement of your embroidery design. Embroidery hoop grids also help you accurately space multiple embroidery line designs and for continuous border embroidering.