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File Cabinet Cover-Up

by Sarah

Time to take the ‘ugly’ out of storage! If you’re like me, then you’re low on free space. It could be that you have a house full of kids or maybe your fabric stash takes up all the other available space. Either way, the secret to decorating in itty-bitty space is to make use of what you already have. No need to go out and buy a little table when you really already have one! The problem I have with storage containers is this: they are square/rectangle and to hide them they have to be completely covered. The issue is that you can’t really just ‘drape’ a few yards of fabric over it because the corners make a funky pop-out triangle shape. To me, it just doesn’t flow right. I think small circular tables look great with a nice skirt. So, what we need to do is give our square shape a circular attachment. With a $4 wire wreath frame and a couple yards of fabric, you’ve got yourself a whole new piece of furniture!

I made this project specifically for Christmas, but you can use seasonal or year round fabric to make this a permanent home decoration. All you have to do is lift us the fabric to get to the file cabinet!


                                                                                                                                                       Just a little bit of an eye sore.


                                                                                                                                                    Much better. I can see again!


Large wire wreath frame (you can find these at your local craft store. Mine only cost $4!)
2 yards of 60 inch wide fabric (If you have a larger file cabinet, I would go for 3 yards)
Serger or Overcast Foot (If you don’t have either- binding works great!)
Needle appropriate for fabric weight (mine was a ballpoint needle size 90)
Safety Pins
Duct Tape

Step 1
Place the wire wreath on the top of the file cabinet. Adjust the positioning so that the curve extends well past the edge. Use duct tape to secure in place.



Step 2
Drape the fabric over your file cabinet so that the fabric reaches the floor on all sides.  Use safety pins to create an even hem around all sides.


Step 3
Cut along the hem. Since you won’t be folding the fabric at all, you can cut exactly where you pinned. Use a 3-Thread Overlock on your serger. You can have your knife down, but you really aren’t going to be cutting off any extra fabric.
My Serger Settings – Left Needle: 5 Right Needle: Not Used Upper Looper: 5 Lower Looper: 4




If you’re using your overcast foot, select an overcast stitch and use the tension appropriate for your machine. IF you don’t have an overcast stitch, select a zigzag stitch and reduce the stitch length so that it is more of a satin stitch. For help using an overcast foot, check out our video tutorial: “How to Use an Overcast Foot”

Step 4
Drape your fabric back on the file cabinet and add a fun accessory!


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