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Disney’s Frozen – Elsa Costume Tutorial: Part 2

Hey everyone! In this video, we learn how to construct the bodice and the bodice lining step by step. If you are following our design, you’ll also learn how to create the diamond pattern top stitching with metallic thread.

If your fabric is stretch (like ours), we suggest having some 90/14 stretch needles and 90/14 top stitching needles on hand. If you’re using a woven fabric, you can use a universal needle and a metallic needle.

I hope everyone is able to successfully construct the bodice! We will see you soon for part 3 – the sleeves and the yoke!

23 thoughts on “Disney’s Frozen – Elsa Costume Tutorial: Part 2”

  1. Sorry to be a bigger but is part 4 coming this week? I need to finish the dress by Sat. I was going to just wing it but I am afraid I will mess it up. Thanks!

  2. Yikes, LOL I can’t seem to find Part 3 What am I doing wrong..
    Using a sateen fabric I don.t Have a walking foot Useing tissue paper to keep it from bunching. works good. Help me find part 3 please Thanks

  3. Has the part 3 of the Frozen series been posted. I find that you have some very good information about this pattern. I have had some difficulties and used some of your suggestions and they worked very well. Thanks Le Doirs

    1. Love the help… THANK YOU .. rEALLY NEED THE HELP ON THE YOKE.. iDON’T UNDERSTAND HOW IT WORKS.. Video three comming soon?

      1. You’re welcome! The long awaited 3rd part to the series will be up tomorrow. Sorry for the delay — too longer to put everything together than I thought. (It’s definitely a complicated pattern.)

    2. Is there parts 3 etc to the Frozen series? i started this project for my granddaughter prior o finding your videos, but i like your idea for the yoke neckline and i still have to put in the sleeves. also, are there videos on hemming very sheer fabrics like chiffon? Thanks in advance!

      1. Yes, part 3 will be up and available to view tomorrow. If you go to the Beginner’s Guide series you can find a video about sewing difficult fabrics — hemming chiffon is included there. Check out our YouTube Channel for this (and many other) videos. Let me know if you have any other questions!

            1. The 3rd video, which includes the construction of the yoke and sleeves, will be available to view tomorrow. If you have any questions that I can help you with in the meantime please feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to help in any way I can!

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