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Sewing for the Garden: Homemade Flower / Herb Labels

Spring is here and it is time to garden! How can your sewing machine become a gardening tool? How about some flower labels? I’m a novice gardener and just learning about flowers. If it isn’t a rose or tulip – I’m clueless. Thank goodness for those little plastic labels that come with flowers. As helpful as they are, I’m not really digging the way they look in my flower bed. I want something with a more earthy vibe. With some faux leather, a couple sticks, and my trusty embroidery machine, I came up with a little “Sewing for the Garden” solution: Homemade Plant Labels!



Vinyl Fabric (I went with brown because I feel it compliments the surrounding plant life without distracting from the beautiful flowers)

Non-Stick Foot / Roller Foot / Walking Foot

Embroidery Thread

Embroidery Floss or Yarn


Mod Podge

Two 7 inch sticks (3/4 inch diameter)

Embroidery Machine

Leather Needle

Hand Sewing Needle

Wonder Clips or paper clips

Step  1

Hoop your vinyl fabric and insert in your embroidery machine. If you don’t have an embroidery machine, you can always use paint or appliqué letters.


I really recommend using quality embroidery thread. Madeira and Hemmingworth are great choices. These labels will be exposed to harsh sunlight and pouring rain and quality thread will last longer. Also, a lighter color thread will show less wear.

Step 2

Embroider the name of your plant. I used a leather needle in place of an embroidery needle.


Step 3

With your vinyl still hooped, thread some embroidery floss or yarn to stitch the sun design. My flowers only need ‘part sun’, so I only stitched 6 ‘sun lines’. Try a whole sun for ‘full sun’ plants and a tree for ‘shade plants’.



First, draw the design on the back. Using embroidery floss or yarn, stitch carefully stitch along the lines.


Add a second floss color if desired.

Step 4

Time to trim down your flower label.  You want your label  1 inch larger on the top and bottom of the embroidery design and 2 inches larger on the sides.


Sew a seam around the embroidery design using a Non-Stick, roller, or walking foot.



Sew another seam on the sides, 1 inch from the first line.  This forms the casing for your sticks.



Step 5


Coat just a bit of Mod Podge on top of your embroidery. This will seal the threads and protect the color.  Apply at least 2 coats of Mod Podge to the sticks.


Insert the dried sticks through the casing and place in your flower bed. Now time to make a dozen more!


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