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Simple Tip to Determine Thread Quality


I don’t think I can emphasize enough the importance of thread quality. It’s not that you must always use the top-of-the-line thread for every project; it’s that you want to use the appropriate quality for your project and task. For instance, I’m not going to use my expensive thread to sew basting stitches. It’ll just make ripping them out even harder. But I will use my top notch polyester thread for items that endure serious wear and tear (baby quilts, clothing, cloth diapers, etc).

That being said, I do believe quality thread makes for a better sewing experience overall because it’s less likely to break, snag, tangle, or produce excessive lint. If you sew frequently, these factors are important to consider.

Also, just because a type of thread has a hefty price tag, doesn’t mean it’s that much better than a less expensive brand.

I’d like to show you a little trick to determine thread quality. I’m going to show you 4 types of polyester thread with different levels of quality so you can compare and contrast.

The Trick…

Hold a strand of thread up to a light and inspect how many fibers fan out from the strand. A good quality thread will be tightly spun together so that few fibers deviate from the strand. It’s not like a string of steel; you’ll always see SOME loose fibers (kind of like rope). However, with low-quality thread, you’ll see a hot mess of frizzy mayhem.

Let me show you.

Thread Quality Sewing Kit Hem Kit Thread


See all those fuzzy fibers? Those tell me this thread is low quality. Now, let’s compare it to some Coats and Clark thread.


Thread Quality Coats and Clark


Huge difference. There are still some long, loose threads (look at the arrows), but overall the fibers are much tighter.

The next photo is straight from the bargain bin. Yikes!


Thread Quality Bargan Bin


Very loose and just…wow. This thread is going to make my machine hate me. Over time, that little cone of evil will cover every nook in lint and clog my tension disks.

Now,  compare the bargain bin thread to a standard spool of Gutermann Thread. Much better! Personally, I’m a Gutermann Girl all the way.  I love their polyester thread – hasn’t failed me yet. I’ve had the spool photographed below for at least 3 years!

Thread Quality Gutermann


I hope this little tip helps you sort through your thread. Remember, if your thread breaks often or knots frequently, hold it up to the light and investigate!