90 Second Napkins - No Measuring Required!

October 20, 2023
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I just can't get over cloth napkins! They really are the finishing touch for any dinner party. They also make a great house warming gift! And if you are anything like me, you're going to need coordinating napkins for each holiday. Plus, fabric napkins are reusable, which is always nice for Mother Nature. With these napkins I decided on a rounded edge for efficiency, but you can also keep your corners. A majority of napkin folding techniques use square corners, so keep that in mind. I also recommend using quality thread. Since you'll be using and washing napkins repeatedly, you want these accessories to last for years and years. If you want a heavier dinner napkin, simply layer two Fat Quarters together! I hope you enjoy - Happy Sewing!


Like the title says, this project is SUPER fast. We are going to use pre-cut fat quarters and simply finish the edges. Bam! Napkins! I use a narrow rolled hem on my Serger, but if you don't have a Serger - no problem! Use a overcast foot or a satin stitch foot.


Fat Quarters - Pick out as many as you want for your table.

Serger or Overcast Foot or Hemmer Foot

Serger Needles

Serger Thread or Decorative Thread

Curved Edge Ruler or Bowl

Rotary Mat and Rotary Cutter

Thread Nippers

Step 1

You want to purchase coordinating Fat Quarters for the number of seats you have. I usually go for 8 - 10 just in case. Quilt shops will sometimes bundle Fat Quarters together in similar styles, colors, or themes. You can sometimes buy these cheaper than purchasing each fat quarter individually.


I know technically you're suppose to pre-wash fabric, but it won't make a huge difference with this project. Iron your fabric and head to the cutting mat. Use a bowl or curved ruler to round off the corners.


Step 2

Set up a Rolled Hem on your Serger. If you don't have a Serger- no problem! You can use an Overcast Foot or a Hemmer Foot to finish the edges quickly and beautifully. If your not sure how to use those feet, we have tutorials for bother of them. Simply click the highlighted name to be taken to the video.


Serger Settings for Rolled Hem

Left Needle        Right Needle      Upper Looper    Lower Looper           Knife        Stitch Finger

   –                              3                              9                            9                      Yes                  No


Serge all the way around the napkin until the stitches overlap.


Step 3

Secure the ends with a zigzag stitch over the thread tails. Some people secure the ends with Thread Check, but I figure since these are going to be washed so many times, it's better to really stitch down the thread tails.


Now that you have new napkins, check out some awesome napkin folding designs! Can you believe some of the designs can be made with just some fabric and starch? Wow, people are so creative! Feel free to share pictures of YOUR napkin designs!

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