Beginner's Guide to Serging (ep 4): Overlock Stitch + Intro to Tension

October 20, 2023
Overlock Stitch + Intro to Tension Video
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Welcome back to our Beginner's Guide to Serging! In episode 4, we'll go over how to create a 3 Thread and 4 Thread Overlock Stitch, including how to recognize and fix tension problems. We'll also teach you how to secure your thread tails and how to neatly remove your stitches.

The Overlock Stitch is your basic, universal serger stitch. This stitch not only finishes your raw edge professionally, but it also prevents fraying and withstands stretching, making it perfect for both woven and knit fabric.

As we say in the video, the best thing you can do is just spend some time playing around with your serger and adjusting all the settings. Discover what happens when you play with the stitch length or stitch width. Test out different combinations and compare as you go. Exploring your serger is the best way to build confidence and learn. You won't break your machine just by adjusting the settings. Have fun and feel free to leave questions and comments in the comment section below. Happy Serging!

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